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About Geoffrey Dicker

Geoffrey Dicker is a true Renaissance Man. The Los Angeles-based eclectic artist has published 12 books – ranging from novels to short stories to poetry – written a play and created 100+ abstract paintings. He’s also released two albums with singer Jim Emmons and collaborated with Jeremy Gloff on the song "Manhunt," which was used in film "Eating Out: The Open Weekend."  


Dicker, who worked for Warner Bros. as well as Disney, managed the James Bond film library for television at MGM Studios in Los Angeles, relocated to New York City for more than a decade. There he began covering the music and art scene, leading to the launch of a popular YouTube channel (with 5 million+ views). 


His reviews, videos and photography have been shared by the likes of Rolling Stone and NME. MTV took note of his extensive music knowledge, and he had the chance to host an episode of the show "Weird Vibes."  One of Dicker's concert photos appeared in the documentary "Jobriath AD." His photo archive is over 80,000 pictures (and growing), including over 2,000 selfies with rock stars, artists and celebrities.


Dicker, along with his brother Alan, have also amassed a collection of well over 20,000 celebrity and sports autographs. 


Books, plays, art: What’s next for the continuously creative Dicker?   “It’s been a dream of mine to have an art exhibit showcasing my photos and paintings.” Sounds about right for a modern Renaissance Man.

Photo by Amy Norris

Follow him on: Twitter , Tik Tok or Instagram @according2g

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