The Geoffrey Dicker Collection is now on!

Welcome to, the official home page for artist and author Geoffrey Dicker.  Whether you like abstract poetry (Sketches of Verbal Alchemy), Poetry (Unfinished Lyrics, Bitter Rants and Love Poems), One-liners and celebrity selfies (I Won The Internet), a novel told in journal format (Journal of Grievances), 200 one-page short stories (Twisted Tales and Very Short Stories), plays (Goddamned), dark comedies set in the future (Post Celebrity) or modern day (Paddling Backwards, In Bad Company), or satires about global pandemics (The Rise and Fall of Utopia), Geoffrey Dicker's books have a little something for everyone.


Turn to any page and if you like what you see, you'll enjoy the whole book.  Please check out my art while you're here.  Thanks for your kind attention to my work.

---Geoffrey Dicker